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Preacher, pastor, church planter, musician, songwriter; Joshua Eggerson is a multi-talented and multi-faceted Man of God. 

Bishop Joshua Eggerson has been preaching the Gospel for over a decade. He has been uniquely anointed to reach Millennials, history's largest and most secular generation, and bring them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. In 2013  Bishop Eggerson planted The Elevation Church in Omaha, Nebraska a multi-cultural congregation made up of 90% Millennials. Through effective outreach, discipleship, relevant preaching and leadership development Bishop Eggerson was able to mobilize these young adults to impact the spiritual landscape of the city.


While effectively engaging his generation Bishop Eggerson has demonstrated a unique ability not to forget his roots in the historic church, allowing him to bring both young and old together and effectively empower them to transform their world. Captivated by a love for God and armed with an innovative mind and a distinctively powerful preaching gift, Bishop Eggerson is on a mission to turn the hearts of a generation back to God by effectively communicating the Word of God, convening relevant gatherings to reach this generation and lending himself as a servant to assist other leaders in reaching the "Hard to Reach" in their own particular contexts.


In 2018 Bishop Eggerson, his wife and a team of very gifted people planted Faith Restored, a Life-Giving, Spirit-Filled, Gospel-Centered, church in Jacksonville, Florida. In the short time since its inception, Faith Restored has been a powerful and impactful place for all people to find hope and healing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information about Faith Restored, CLICK HERE

In 2019, out of a desire to foster genuine covenant connection and to equip pastors and leaders to do relevant and impactful 21st Century ministry, Bishop Eggerson founded KAIROS, a cutting-edge fellowship of churches and ministry leaders. The founding pastors and leaders of Kairos convened and elected Bishop Eggerson as their presider and in 2020 Bishop Eggerson was consecrated to the Office of Bishop in the Lord's Church. For more information about KAIROS, CLICK HERE.


Joshua is happily married to his best friend Teresa Tramayne Eggerson (formerly Reed), and they have two beautiful children, Tamia Tramayne and Joshua Jerome Eggerson Jr. 


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